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How Do You Know You’re In the “Right” Job?

With seven out of every ten workers in America emotionally disconnected from their job, there’s a high likelihood you may not be in the right job for you. But then, what is the “right” job for you? Here are five questions to consider. Since 2000, the Gallup Business Journal has been keeping track of...Read More

Five Questions to Ask When You Enter Someone’s Story

When we read a novel, most of us begin on p. 1. But when we encounter a person, we’re usually starting in the middle of the story. If we don’t pay attention to that, we’re liable to misread everything. In 1935, a Japanese man collecting seaweed came across a bottle that had washed up on the shore. I...Read More

Ten Alternative Jobs for Actors and Artists

The cliché of the starving artist is commonplace. But what if you really are a creative person who just can’t make a living at your craft? Here are ten options to consider. Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Indeed. When you grow u...Read More

Should You Go Into Business For Yourself?

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the American economy. They’re the only people who know how to create jobs. So if we want to grow our economy, we need more entrepreneurs. Does that mean you should go into business for yourself? Here are five questions to ask. 1. Do I need to be in control? The num...Read More

There Is One—and Only One—Reason to Go to Graduate School

“I’m three years out of law school and I’ve made a terrible mistake. Law is definitely not for me! Can you help me find some other options?” I could make a full-time practice out of people in that boat. People who went to grad school for all the wrong reasons. There is one—and only one—reason to go ...Read More

Five More Signs Your Job Doesn’t Fit You – Including Some You’ve Never Thought of

Last week we explored five telltale signs your job isn’t for you. Lets go over a few more! 1. Emotional storm clouds There is a direct correlation between job-fit and emotional health. Let me put it another way: there is a direct correlation between job-fit and sanity. I’m completely serious. ...Read More

Five Signs Your Job Doesn’t Fit You

Can’t stand your job? Maybe the problem’s not the job, but the job-fit. Here are ten symptoms to check out. Job-fit By definition, a job that fits you is one that energizes you and brings satisfaction because it calls for strengths you enjoy using and allows you to work in conditions where you thriv...Read More

Are You Goal-Oriented or Vision-Oriented?

Two ways of doing life Which of the following two statements is a goal? (1) Clean out and organize the garage.(2) Develop more patience. How you answer the question says a lot about how you do life. Hard-target goals In my experience, somewhere around 60-65 percent of people will say that (1) is a g...Read More

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