What we do and why

Like never before, we humans are now experiencing multiple paradigm shifts in our lives and our world. Our whole being is tasked to engage at physiological, behavioral, and digital levels. In the past, our successes were linear and repeatable, measured in phases and often with only partial solutions. But going forward, our future will demand that we live with multi-dimensional complexity, solving problems creatively and holistically.

Fortunately, we are born and built for creativity. 

Giftedness discovery requires a Giftedness Guide

Most people will never discover their giftedness on their own. To gain that insight, they require another person to help them (our research indicates this is true for 75% to 85% percent of people).
Our world needs a breakthrough in people-development. What’s needed is an approach that not only shows someone how they are unique, but also celebrates that uniqueness by pointing out the value of their giftedness—what they are born to do—and what it means for the person’s life.
The key to such an approach is another person—what we call a Giftedness Guide.
Giftedness Guides are the heroes in our initiative, and our vision is to train and certify 8 million Giftedness Guides as a strategy for mobilizing a global movement to unleash people’s giftedness, across seven generations.
To become a Giftedness Guide, you have to care about people-development. In fact, you may already be doing work (whether paid or volunteer) related to that—as a teacher, athletic coach, counselor, youth worker, executive coach, manager tasked with developing leaders, a trainer,  mentor, etc.
If that describes you, we invite you to enroll in some modest orientation and training in how to  help someone discover their giftedness and then apply those insights to key areas of their life—especially education and learning, work and career, relationships, and life dream.

About Us

Bill Hendricks
Co-founder and President

Bill Hendricks is Co-founder and President of The Global Centre for Giftedness, which seeks to mobilize a movement aimed at unleashing people’s giftedness for human flourishing. Bill also serves as the Executive Director for Christian Leadership at The Hendricks Center, a leadership development initiative at Dallas Theological Seminary. He holds degrees from Harvard University, Boston University, and Dallas Theological Seminary, and is currently a doctoral student at Bakke Graduate University. He is the author or co-author of twenty-five books. Bill is married to Lynn Turpin Hendricks and is the father of three grown daughters.

Samuel Chiang
Co-founder and CEO

Samuel Chiang is Co-founder and CEO of Global Centre for Giftedness. He also serves as Executive Director of the Global Evangelism Network for World Evangelical Alliance. He holds degrees from University of Toronto and Dallas Theological Seminary. He previously worked with Ernst & Young and was the CEO of Seed Company. He is certified in Systemic Team Coaching and Lego Series Play. Samuel is husband to Robbi and father to three wonderful and accomplished millennials and two beautiful daughters-in-law, and a grandfather to an apocalyptic two-year-old granddaughter.