Bill Hendricks along with his sister, Bev Hendricks Godby, have literally “hit this one out of the park.” My wife and I have been the direct beneficiaries of both the knowledge and practice of the phenomena of giftedness, and we wholeheartedly endorse this book. As with all of Bill’s writing, this work is fully practical and should be required reading for every parent, grandparent, and godparent looking to influence their child’s life development. There are two significant points that resonate through this book worth mentioning here: (1) As parents, we are raising, and influencing a person, not a product. Consider first the “person” in all that you see and desire for your child. (2) Every child has been gifted by God and it is our job as parents to look for the behavior that indicates that gift, then nurture it, and, most importantly, celebrate it. No two children are the same. As such, they should not be saddled with the same expectations or the same standard for success. Thank you, Bill and Bev. You have blessed us immensely with this one!

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