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Like never before, we humans are now experiencing multiple paradigm shifts in our lives and our world. Our whole being is tasked to engage at physiological, behavioral, and digital levels. In the past, our successes were linear and repeatable, measured in phases and often with only partial solutions. But going forward, our future will demand that we live with multi-dimensional complexity, solving problems creatively and holistically.

Fortunately, we are born and built for creativity.

Discover what giftedness means for you in this moment of paradigm-shifting realities.

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Bill Hendricks was instrumental for me in discovering and clarifying my calling during the first quarter of my career. Discovering our purpose in life is one of the most important questions we can ask. Bill helps you practically answer that question with The Person Called You. I highly recommend this book!

Brad L

Author, The Catalyst Leader

Bill Hendricks has spent a lifetime helping people answer three questions: Who am I now? Where do I fit now? and What do I contribute in the next season of my life? He has developed the tools and wisdom required. He is the master of his craft, ushering you into the next season of life’s journey.

Bob B

Author, Halftime and Drucker & Me

Finally, somebody who gets it—it IS all about you! You are the only YOU we’ve got. And if you don’t become YOU we’re going to miss YOU! In this insightful volume, Bill uses his own giftedness to help you discover yours.

Reggie M

Author, A Work of Heart; missional leadership specialist for Leadership Network

Want to explore what makes you unique and what can drive you in life? What causes giftedness to thrive or fail? How should you think about your gifts and fit at work? How you fit with others in your life? This book will help you discover what can make you an even better YOU for the Father who created you and made you the way you are.

Dr. Darrell Boc

Executive director of cultural engagement, The Hendricks Center; professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

A valuable, easy-to-understand guide for discovering what in the world you were made for. Bill Hendricks’ insight into giftedness has helped me navigate my own life’s direction.

Peggy W

Former correspondent, ABC News

Bill Hendricks is speaking to anyone who slows down to ponder the power found in The Person Called You. He is among the few who both know God intimately and have the ability to help others know themselves.

Bob S

Founder/CEO, The Master’s Program

Written in a personal and warm style and filled with numerous practical lessons from history, the Bible, and years of experience with clients, Bill Hendricks has written a balanced and thoughtful book on how to discover our unique giftedness and put it to work in meaningful and fulfilling service to God and others.

Dr. Gary

Chancellor, Dallas Baptist University

Many people have no meaningful vision for their work. What sort of work should they be doing? What is work all about? Bill Hendricks offers some profound insights into these core questions through this timely book. He’s done a real service in showing us how intimately God is involved in who we are and the work we do.

Andy M

Entrepreneur and former CEO, Thompson Financial and Professional Publishing Group

This book is a confidence-builder, not in a hyped-up way, but with solid, practical grounding in a way that will last and grow long after you finish the book. Read The Person Called You to become more comfortable in your own skin, and more understanding of others.

Dr. Brad

President, Bakke Graduate University

Defining your own giftedness is many times difficult. Bill Hendricks’ step-by-step guide to discovering your giftedness will help you in any area of life to determine how to find your distinctive gifts and purpose, and then how to leverage them to become the best you can be. If you’re looking for clarity and purpose, this is the book to read.


Director of New Media and Technology Initiatives

In an eminently readable and provocative work, Bill Hendricks strikes a death blow to the blasé rumors of “I’m just like everybody else” and “Do I really have anything special to offer to myself and others with my life?” Read the pages and learn!

Dr. David F

Founder and host, XPastor

The Person Called You is a deeply insightful, conversational, and welcoming guide to discovering one’s giftedness, identity, and vocation. A wonderful help for those struggling with their own sense of calling and purpose.

Cherie H

President, The Trinity Forum

We all want joy and meaning in our life, but too often we stumble around and settle for much less. This book provides a thoughtful, clear process for determining how God made each of us, and how we can best realize God’s plan for our life.

Kerry K

 President, C.S. Lewis Institute

Is there a way to take what you enjoy doing and what you are motivated to do and turn this into a career? Bill’s book offers insight into how we might take personal inventory and then match the results to potential career opportunities. A practical, insightful book for recent graduates, mid-career people, and even those contemplating retirement.

Dr. Al Erisman

Executive in residence and former director for the Center for Integrity in Business, Seattle Pacific University.

Focusing on our unique giftedness and our stories of flourishing, Hendricks helps us discover who we are and what God has made us to do. I’m going to have this book on hand when people seek my counsel about what they should do with their lives. I’m grateful to Bill Hendricks for sharing his wisdom in such a readable and compelling way.

Dr. Mark

Executive director of digital media

The giftedness assessment that Bill offers will assist individuals in understanding how to use their gifts to enhance quality of life for themselves, as well as for others they will influence throughout their lives. It is my hope that women and men will read this book and be compelled to use their gifts to make a difference in their work and their relationships.

Dr. Becky P

President and CEO, Inseitz Group

Bill Hendricks knows what makes people tick. My family and I have been through his process, as have key executives at my company. Bill’s message about giftedness proved to be a godsend for me. I know it will be for you, as well.

Robert M.

President and CEO, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Bill explains simply how we can see a clear path to who we are, not what we do. He helps us see our unique wiring, to see ourselves through commonsense lenses. When you see yourself clearly, you’ll be surprised how clearly you’ll see. And once in focus, you’ll see how you can be the person you are meant to be.

Dr. Michael E

Teaching pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, Tennessee

We see it all the time. Because of ego or cultural or corporate expectations, people try to be something they aren’t, and the results are less than attractive and productive. Bill has hit the nail on the head. When people appreciate their individuality, embrace their giftedness, and humbly leverage it, their level of job satisfaction and service to those around them skyrockets.

Dr. Tommy T

Lead partner, JobFitMatters, Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you so much again for everything. I truly have learned so much about myself as well as future career paths in which I can put this information to its best use! I will absolutely keep you posted and will forever be grateful for the insight you have given me.

Thanks for giving me words to help define what matters to me and a framework to check into my life and actions and keep me on target. Completely, totally invaluable.

I left our time so encouraged about the future. I want to thank you for your direction, and I know it will guide me in the decisions I make about serving people with a passion. It was an awesome experience; I feel both humbled and energized about where it leads from here. Thank you!!

You affirmed what I’ve known but not been able to put words to

My time with you changed my life and helped me pursue the journey I’m on now. You helped me identify my core giftedness and were so huge in my life. Thank you!

Thank you. Meeting with you most definitely changed the course of our lives, and we are so thankful that you used your giftings to help us. I‘m already brainstorming ideas and possibilities.

Here’s what the Executive MBA students at The University of Texas at Arlington

are saying about their program’s unique Giftedness Coaching process 

“Puts you in control of what you should do with your life.”

“Incredibly interesting.”

“Very complimentary to our EMBA program, especially to those of us still searching for that perfect opportunity.”

“I have never gained so much out of just answering questions.”

“Exceeds any tests that show a list of jobs you might like.”

Giftedness Guides

Kymberli Cook
Senior Trainer

Kymberli Cook is the Assistant Director of the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary, which seeks to shape compassionate, courageous leaders through content creation and transformational processes, and also serves as a host on The Table Podcast, a show dedicated to discussing issues of God and culture. She is a doctoral student in theological studies, pursuing research connected to unique individuality, the image of God, and providence. When she is not reading, she enjoys coffee, cooking, and spending time outdoors with her husband and daughters.

Heather Severding
Senior Trainer

Heather Severding is the Assistant Director of Dallas Theological Seminary, Fort Worth. She is passionate about leading the next generation of Christian leaders through coaching, mentoring, teaching, discipling, and leadership training. She received her B.S. in Secondary Education from the University of North Texas, an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary, and is finishing her Doctor of Educational Ministry with an emphasis in Advanced Academics Ministry at DTS. She is working on becoming a professionally certified Executive Christian Coach (ECC) through Coach Approach Ministries (CAM). She enjoys hiking outdoors, rock climbing, ballroom dancing, and watching classic black and white movies. She is an avid hot tea drinker and loves going to coffee shops, trying new teas, and hanging out with friends.

Dr. Jeanne Ballard

Dr. Jeanne Ballard
Senior Trainer

Jeanne R. Ballard, M.S. M.A. D.Min. Degrees from Biola University, Texas A&M Commerce University, Dallas Theological Seminary Adjunct Professor and former Associate Director of D.Min/D.Ed.Min Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and International Board of Christian Care (IBCC) Certified Christian Life Coach She brings over 40 years of ministry and mentoring experience to GGI with a heart for equipping future generations to discover and utilize their giftedness in harmony with God’s design for their lives. She is grateful to partner in life and ministry with her husband, Chuck, Executive Director of African Pastoral Training Ministries. She delights in being the mother of two married children and grandmother to three little sweeties who call her Cocoa.

Evan Simmons
Senior Trainer

Evan Simmons currently serves as the president of Suprema Leadership LLC and One in Christ Jesus International Ministries, a para-church ministry devoted to training, developing, and mentoring leaders worldwide. A fellow at The Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), his passion lies in the areas of organizational design, leadership development and mentoring. Evan has degrees from Bemidji State University, the University of Houston, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. His experience has led him to the educational sector as a teacher, coach, and administrator, to the corporate sector as a Petroleum Engineer and manager with a major international oil company, and to the ministerial realm as a teacher, preacher, and leadership developer. He has spoken extensively to church and business leaders both nationally and internationally. He and his wife, StacieNicole live in Highland Village, Texas and have six adult children and twelve grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with family, running, and traveling.

Andrew Feng
Senior Trainer

Andrew Feng holds a ThM and is a Senior Fellow--Hendricks Center at Dallas Seminary. Prior to ministry, Andrew graduated from USC with corporate finance and started out his 7 years consulting career at KPMG. Currently Andrew serves as the US Lead for Indigitous which is focused on digital missions. Mobilizing young adults for missions with innovative ways of engaging them with their giftedness beyond the four church walls. Andrew and his wife served abroad for five years and where they also adopted their special needs son. They have a heart for international students and continue to minister among them in Dallas, Texas.